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Bi-directional Charger (BCI20)

TM4 BCI20 is compact Bi-directional charger inverter. It works as Battery Charger cum Inverter for use in electric and hybrid vehicle applications. It uses full current range from the AC MAINS for a max charge power. When the vehicle is in use, the charger becomes a Dual output Inverter & provides two independent 3-phase outputs for auxiliary loads. 

Specifications :

  • Two operating modes – battery charger & inverter
  • Single phase AC input, 18 kW power
  • 2 independent x 9 kVA, 3 phase outputs
  • CAN controlled, fully isolated, meets IP67 protection
  • Charger mode range : 200 to 450 Vdc
  • Inverter mode range : 300 to 450 Vdc

Features :

  • High efficiency, light weight
  • High power factor
  • 2CAN 2b ports
  • Liquid cooled, fully isolated design

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