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Electronic Foot Pedal

The CAN J1939 Throttle Control is developed to connect to vehicles equipped with a CAN bus network including Electric or Hybrid vehicles. The throttle position is identified through a twin analogue Hall Effect sensor and it is converted into programmable CAN J1939 messages according to standard SAE J1939 protocol. It is possible to use same signal by multiple management drive system control unit.

Applications :
All types of Electric passenger/commercial vehicles

Specifications :

  • Analogue / digital outputs
  • Power supply – 8 to 32 Vdc
  • Current consumption – 40mA max
  • CANJ1939 integrated module
  • Twin analogue hall effect sensor

Features :

  • Fully programmable to customer specifications
  • Customized harness
  • High reliability serial protocol
  • Error self-detection and diagnostic messages.